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In, we expect to use --if-exists to ensure that the topic to create or change exists. Similarly, we expect to use --if-not-exists to ensure that the topic to create or change does not exist. Currently, only ZookeeperTopicService supports these two options. As a result, specifying --bootstrap-server option with either one of them will trigger an error.

We want to introduce --if-exists and --if-not-exists options to AdminClientTopicService.

Public Interfaces

The topic command will accept either --if-exist or --if-not-exist option together with --bootstrap-server option.

Proposed Changes

Implement the logic in AdminClientTopicService like what ZookeeperTopicService has.

Add support to ensure the topic exists in:

  • alterTopic()
  • describeTopic()
  • deleteTopic()

Add support to ensure the topic does not exist in:

  • createTopic()

Rejected Alternatives

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