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Window size is not passed to the Kafka consumer during windowed aggregations, so the consumer uses the default Long.MAX_VALUE when initializing the deserializer. Both TimeWindowedSerde and TimeWindowedDeserializer have a default constructor that does not require a window size, causing fatal errors at runtime for some programs. 

Public Interfaces

In add

/** <code></code> */
public static final String WINDOW_SIZE_MS_CONFIG = "";
private static final String WINDOW_SIZE_MS_DOC = "Passes window size to the deserializer in order to calculate window end times.";

Deprecate the following methods

public TimeWindowedSerde(final Serde<T> inner) {
	super(new TimeWindowedSerializer<>(inner.serializer()), new TimeWindowedDeserializer<>(inner.deserializer()));
* Construct a {@code TimeWindowedSerde} object for the specified inner class type.
static public <T> Serde<Windowed<T>> timeWindowedSerdeFrom(final Class<T> type) {
	return new TimeWindowedSerde<>(Serdes.serdeFrom(type));

public TimeWindowedDeserializer(final Deserializer<T> inner) {
	this(inner, Long.MAX_VALUE);

Log an error message in Serdes.scala for implicit def timeWindowedSerde and pass through to the deserializer

// Log error message and pass through to underlying deserializer 
implicit def timeWindowedSerde[T](implicit tSerde: Serde[T]): WindowedSerdes.TimeWindowedSerde[T] =
  new WindowedSerdes.TimeWindowedSerde[T](tSerde)

Proposed Changes

Add to the StreamsConfigs class to ensure that the desired window size is set when the consumer creates the TimeWindowedDeserializer instance. This is relevant for consuming TimeWindowed records directly, which is helpful when testing windowed aggregations. Without this change, all windows will have a size and end time of Long.MAX_VALUE. Users can either set the window size through the config or set the window size through the constructor. To help enforce this, the will not have a default value.

Additionally, deprecate constructors in both TimeWindowedDeserializer and WindowedSerdes that don't require a window size. This ensures that the window size would be properly set before encountering any instances where it should be used. When these are deprecated, the timeWindowedSerde implicit in Serdes.scala will be updated to log an error message explaining that this implicit should no longer be used. To keep backwards compatibility, this implicit won't be deprecated but will pass through to the deserializer.

Note that to use the config through the console consumer (if desired), add the key.deserializer prefix and pass it in as a property.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

Tests that need to be updated:

Classes that need to be updated:

Rejected Alternatives

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