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Today, when source topics of a Streams app are accidentally deleted (either before the Streams app is started or while the app is running), the Streams clients of the app gracefully shut down themselves. More precisely, the consumer group leader notices the missing source topics from the metadata refresh and triggers a rebalance. During the rebalance the leader encodes error INCOMPLETE_SOURCE_TOPIC_METADATA into the assignment. Upon getting this error, a stream thread that participates in the rebalance shuts down itself and writes an ERROR log message in its log file. When all stream threads of a Streams client are dead, the Streams client is in state ERROR. Eventually, all Streams clients transit to state ERROR. Such a graceful shutdown does not give users the chance to react programmatically to the deletion of source topics (other than parsing the log files).

In this KIP, we propose to not gracefully shutdown the Streams app in case of the deletion of source topics but to throw an exception instead. The user can then react on this exception in the uncaught exception handler.  

Public Interfaces

We propose to add a new exception to allow users to easily distinguish the deletion of source topics from other exception and to specifically react on it in the uncaught exception handler. The new exception is the following:

package org.apache.kafka.streams.errors;

public class MissingSourceTopicException extends StreamsException

Proposed Changes

We propose that a stream thread should throw a MissingSourceTopicException when it receives error INCOMPLETE_SOURCE_TOPIC_METADATA encoded in its assignment instead of gracefully shutting down itself. This exception will not be caught anywhere and will eventually reach the uncaught exception handler, if one is set. When all stream threads of a Streams client are dead, the Streams clients will be in state ERROR. The transition to state ERROR after the death of all stream threads corresponds to the current behavior and will not be changed by this KIP.  

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

The proposed changes do not need any deprecation or migration plan.

The only difference to the current behavior is that the uncaught exception handler is called. If the uncaught exception handler is not set or it is set but does not handle StreamsExceptions or its ancestors, the behavior does not change. If the uncaught exception handler is set and handles StreamsExceptions or one of its ancestors, that code will be executed when a source topic is deleted which it is currently not the case. However, users do not need to change anything to run their Streams app. They will merely get an additional error notification for a case that actually is an error.

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