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With KAFKA-5540 / KIP-174, the internal.key.converter  and internal.value.converter  Connect worker properties, as well as all properties prefixed with these names, were deprecated.

Despite this, users still sometimes try to experiment with these properties–for debugging, after accidental conflation with the non-deprecated key and value converter-related properties, or just blind misconfiguration of their worker. The results of these experiments can be disastrous; workers configured with a new internal converter are unable read internal topic data produced by a worker with an older internal converter, which leads to loss of offsets and connector configurations at best, and worker failure at worst.

Since these properties have been fully deprecated since the 2.0.0 release nearly three years ago and the upcoming 3.0 release allows for breaking changes, it'd be a great time to remove these properties from Connect for good.

Public Interfaces / Proposed Changes

The following Connect properties will be removed:

  • internal.key.converter 
  • internal.value.converter 
  • passthrough of properties prefixed with internal.key.converter.  to the worker's internal key converter
  • passthrough of properties prefixed with internal.value.converter.  to the worker's internal value converter

Connect will behave as if none of the above are provided. Specifically, for both its key and value converter, it will use the JsonConverter that it comes with out of the box, configured with schemas.enable  set to false .

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan


Users running Connect clusters that do not use the JsonConverter  with schemas.enable  set to false  can follow these steps to upgrade their Connect clusters to 3.0:

  1. Stop all workers on the cluster
  2. For each internal topic (config, offsets, and status):
    1. Create a new topic to take the place of the existing one
    2. For every message in the existing topic:
      1. Deserialize the message's key and value using the Connect cluster's old internal key and value converters
      2. Serialize the message's key and value using the JSON converter with schemas disabled (by setting the schemas.enable property to false)
      3. Write a message with the new key and value to the new internal topic
  3. Reconfigure each Connect worker to use the newly-created internal topics from step 2
  4. Start all workers on the cluster

User Insight

Users may not know about these changes and be confused when their workers fail to start or behave incorrectly after upgrading to 3.0. In order to help them discover the cause of failure as quickly as possible, a warning message will be logged on startup if the worker detects that it has been configured with any of these to-be-removed properties. Users will be linked to the upgrade notes for 3.0 in this message and instructed to follow them.

Rejected Alternatives

Official migration tooling

Summary: provide an official tool to users to perform the above-described migration.

Rejected because: based on feedback on the existing tickets related to the internal converter deprecation and removal ( KAFKA-3988 - Getting issue details... STATUS KAFKA-5540 - Getting issue details... STATUS KAFKA-12717 - Getting issue details... STATUS ), there don't appear to be many (if any) users currently running Connect clusters that would be affected by this change. The cost to develop, test, document, and support this tool would more than triple the work required for the current proposal. Given these two facts, the tradeoff does not seem worth it.

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