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In large scale Kafka cluster which handles requests from massive clients, preferred leader election (e.g. upon restarting broker) could cause many clients to open connection to a broker in a short period.

Sometimes this causes Acceptor socket's SYN backlog to be filled up. In case this happens, further incoming connections will be handled differently depending on `tcp_syncookies` kernel parameter in Linux.

  1. Drop further SYN packets (`tcp_syncookies = 0`)
    • Typically this should not be a critical problem since clients will attempt reconnecting (depending on `tcp_syn_retries` though)
    • However, retries will cause certain delay until successful connection so should be avoided as far as possible
  2. SYN packets are handled with "SYN cookies" (`tcp_syncookies = 1`)
    • In short, SYN cookies is a stateless way to handle SYN without consuming SYN backlog
    • It's known that this could cause subtle bug that producer slowing down due to inconsistent window-scaling factor between client and broker
      • Please refer  KAFKA-9648 - Getting issue details... STATUS  's comment for the detailed explanation about this issue

Both are undesirable, and can be mitigated by increasing backlog size passed to `ServerSocket#bind()` as necessary.

Public Interfaces

We propose a new KafkaConfig

Proposed Changes


  • Add new integer integer config socket.listen.backlog.size with default value 50


Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • No impact

Rejected Alternatives

  1. Increase static backlog size without introducing new config
    • Increasing backlog size may consume more memory, so appropriate value depends on the environment
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