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So far it is not possible to inject additional configurations stored in environment variables. This topic came up in several projects and would be a useful feature to have as a Kafka config feature similar to file/directory providers, example configuration:




Public Interfaces

A new implementation of the interface org.apache.kafka.common.config.provider.ConfigProvider will be added.

Affected components:

  • org/apache/kafka/common

The provider will expose a configuration to restrict the environment variables accessing by the provider.

Name: allowlist.pattern
Type: String
A pattern / regular expression that needs to match for environment variables to be used by this config provider
Default: .*

Proposed Changes

A class EnvVarConfigProvider implementing the ConfigProvider interface will be added. Core functionality is to provide the map returned by System.getEnv() via the get methods of the ConfigProvider.

Example implementation: was already added to

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

No compatibility issues as this will add a new separate functionality and configuration options.

Test Plan

No breakages expected. Integration testing with a client (producer/consumer) along with unit testing should be sufficient.

Rejected Alternatives

No currently known alternatives with a provider. One existing workaround that some implementations use are templates for configs and scripts to replace environment variables.

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