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Connectors are uniquely identified by their name. The name is also the only field that can be used to categorize a connector and to give it some context. For example with MirrorMaker, it's common to name connectors source→target so it's clear what they do. While good names help, it would be useful to also be able to attach a free form description/comment to connectors. For example this could be used to put the name of the team owning the connector or to put a contact name in case there's an issue. This would be especially helpful in Connect clusters running several connectors and shared by multiple teams. 

Public Interfaces

This KIP proposes adding a new configuration setting to sink and source connectors:

Name: description
Type: String
Documentation: An optional description for this connector.
Required: No
Group: Common
Default: null
Display: Description for the connector
Importance: Low

Since this new field is part of the connector configuration, every time it is updated via the REST API it may trigger a rebalance of the connector.

Proposed Changes

Add the new field to ConnectorConfig which holds the common connector configurations.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

This is a new optional field. Existing connectors are not impacted and since the field defaults to null. Unknown configurations are ignored by Connect so if a connector is created with a description and then the Connect version is downgraded , the field will be ignored.

Test Plan

This will be tested with unit/integration tests

Rejected Alternatives


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