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If you have commit access on the apache repository then you will not be applying patches in the manner described in the reviewer workflow. Instead, once your patch has been reviewed you will check it in yourself as follows:

  1. Create a branch to work on:

        git fetch
        git checkout -b xyz remotes/origin/trunk
  2. Download the patch
  3. Apply

        git apply KAFKA-XXXX.patch
  4. Make sure unit tests and system tests pass
  5. Push the change back to Apache. Pick one of the following:
    • You should almost always collapse your work into a single check-in in order to avoid cluttering the upstream change-log:

           # assuming trunk is up-to-date with origin
           git checkout trunk
           git merge --squash xyz
           git commit -am "KAFKA-XXX xyz feature; reviewed by <reviewers>" --author="firstname lastname <contributoremail>"
           git push origin trunk
    • If you are absolutely sure you want to preserve your local intermediate check-in history then push directly from your feature branch instead of the above merge (or use merge without the squash option):

         # from feature branch xyz
         git push origin trunk

[Note] For reviewer and simple committer workflow, remember to resolve the corresponding JIRA ticket and mark the fix versions label after the corresponding patch is committed.


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