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To make it easier for both the contributors and the reviewers to manage the contributions, the Kafka project also ships a (python based) script which automates the steps that are involved in the context of a patch submission. These steps involve:

  • Creating a patch/diff between the local git repo against the project remote repo
  • Creating a review task in Review Board and publish the patch/diff that was generated for the changes
  • Updating the JIRA, related to these changes, with a comment about a patch being made available and ready for review at Review Board

As you'll notice this requires (automated) integration between JIRA and Review Board. The (python based) script, which is named (and present in the checked out code of Kafka project), acts as a wrapper around the scripts/tools that are shipped by JIRA and Review Board for such integrations. Since the is merely a wrapper around those tools, you'll have to install those tools locally to be able to use the script. This document helps you in setting up those tools as well as helping you understand the usage of the itself.

Kafka patch review tool

The following sections will help you install and setup the necessary tools which this wrapper script uses for patch submission.

Install/setup jira-python package
Download the jira python package

sudo easy_install jira



(OPTIONAL) Configure JIRA user name and password

During the patch submission process, the prompts you for your JIRA user name and password that you use for JIRA instance. The tool uses that information  to update the JIRA with the new patch. However, if you do not like being prompted each time you submit the patch, you can configure your JIRA user name and password  be setup in a file named jira.ini under your home directory. The content of such a file would look like:

nnarkhed-mn:~ nnarkhed$ cat ~/jira.ini


Install/setup review board python tools

This is a quick tutorial on using Review Board with Kafka.

Install the post-review tool

If you are on RHEL, Fedora or CentOS, follow these steps

sudo yum install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install -U RBTools

If you are on a Debian based system (like LinuxMint) follow these steps

	sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
	sudo easy_install -U RBTools

If you are on Mac, follow these steps

sudo easy_install -U setuptools
sudo easy_install -U RBTools

For other platforms, follow the instructions here to setup the post-review tool.

Configure review board related stuff

Then you need to configure a few things to make it work:

First set the review board url to use. You can do this from in git:

git config reviewboard.url

If you checked out using the git wip http url that confusingly won't work with review board. So you need to configure an override to use the non-http url. You can do this by adding a config file like this:

jkreps$ cat ~/.reviewboardrc
REPOSITORY = 'git://'
Install the argparse module
    On Linux -> sudo yum install python-argparse
    On Mac -> sudo easy_install argparse

Kafka patch review tool usage


nnarkhed-mn:kafka-git-idea nnarkhed$ python --help
usage: [-h] -b BRANCH -j JIRA [-s SUMMARY]
                             [-d DESCRIPTION] [-r REVIEWBOARD] [-t TESTING]
                             [-v VERSION] [-db]

Kafka patch review tool

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BRANCH, --branch BRANCH
                        Tracking branch to create diff against
  -j JIRA, --jira JIRA  JIRA corresponding to the reviewboard
  -s SUMMARY, --summary SUMMARY
                        Summary for the reviewboard
                        Description for reviewboard
                        Review board that needs to be updated
  -t TESTING, --testing-done TESTING
                        Text for the Testing Done section of the reviewboard
  -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        Version of the patch
  -db, --debug          Enable debug mode

Upload patch

  1. Specify the branch against which the patch should be created (-b)
  2. Specify the corresponding JIRA (-j)
  3. Specify an optional summary (-s) and description (-d) for the reviewboard


 python -b origin/trunk -j KAFKA-42

Update patch

  1. Specify the branch against which the patch should be created (-b)
  2. Specify the corresponding JIRA (--jira)
  3. Specify the rb to be updated (-r)
  4. Specify an optional summary (-s) and description (-d) for the reviewboard, if you want to update it
  5. Specify an optional version of the patch. This will be appended to the jira to create a file named JIRA-<version>.patch. The purpose is to be able to upload multiple patches to the JIRA. This has no bearing on the reviewboard update.


python -b origin/trunk -j KAFKA-42 -r 14081


When I run the script, it throws the following error and exits
nnarkhed$python -b trunk -j KAFKA-42
There don't seem to be any diffs

There are 2 reasons that can cause this -

  • The code is not checked into your local branch
  • The -b branch is not pointing to the remote branch. In the example above, "trunk" is specified as the branch, which is the local branch. The correct value for the -b (--branch) option is the remote branch. "git branch -r" gives the list of the remote branch names.
When I run the script, it throws the following error and exits
Error uploading diff

Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

One of the most common root causes of this error are that the git remote branches are not up-to-date. Since the script already does that, it is probably due to some other problem. You can run the script with the --debug option that will make post-review run in the debug mode and list the root cause of the issue.

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