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  • Reporting Issues in Apache Kafka
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For Kafka Users

If you have an issue with Kafka operation, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you are having an issue with setup, configuration, or some other form of behavior not matching your expectation, join the User mailing list and ask your questions in that forum.  See the Contact page for information on mailing lists.
  • If you have a bug that needs a fix in the code or in the documentation, please follow the procedure in "Filing a JIRA for Kafka Bugs" below.

For Kafka Developers

JIRA is used by the Apache Kafka project to track development issues.  These include:

  • Add new features
  • Improving existing features
  • Report bugs that need to be fixed in the codebase

If you are interested in tracking development issues in JIRA, you can browse this link.

Filing a JIRA for Kafka Bugs

Go to the Apache JIRA page to file your bug.

  • Make sure the Project is set to Kafka
  • Set the Issue Type field appropriately:
    • New Feature
    • Improvement
    • Test
    • Wish
    • Task
  • For Summary, please provide a detailed title (e.g. "Broker crashes while running" instead of just "Broker crashes")
  • Please set the Component field if you have isolated the issue to a particular component:
    • admin: AdminClient issues
    • build: Project build, build scripts, and git issues
    • clients: Client issues
    • compression: Compression options
    • config: New configuration settings
    • consumer: Consumer-specific issues
    • controller: Controller-specific issues
    • core: Core code
    • documentation: Documentation fixes and enhancements
    • KafkaConnect: Kafka Connect
    • log: Anything related to messages (e.g. log cleaner, log segment)
    • logging: For issues related to broker or client operational logs
    • metrics: Anything related to Kafka metrics
    • mirrormaker: Anything related to MirrorMaker
    • network: For network-specific issues
    • offset manager: Offsets and Group Coordinator
    • packaging: Problems with release packaging or third-party libraries
    • producer: Producer-specific issues
    • purgatory: Fetch request purgatory
    • replication: Partition replication and leader elections
    • security: Security-related issues
    • streams: Kafka Streams
    • system tests: Trogdor and other system tests
    • tools: Tools and runtime scripts
    • unit tests: Unit tests
    • website: Issues with the website
    • zkclient: Zookeeper client
  • The Affects Versions/s field can be set to the earliest version of Kafka where you have seen the bug.
  • If you are a developer intending to fix the bug, put your JIRA ID in the Assignee field (you need to be in the contributors list of Apache Kafka in order to be assigned to a JIRA ticket; if you have not been added to the list, send an email to the users@kafka mailing list to request for it).
  • Please put as much detail as possible in the Description field.
    • Include your configuration changes, cluster size, and Kafka version.
    • Any related code that helps replicate the issue.
    • For bug reports, a short reproduction of the problem would be more than welcomed; for new feature requests, it may include a design document (or a Kafka Improvement Proposal if it's a major change).

    • The specific part of the (broker/consumer/producer) logs with the error message or stack trace.  Attaching the entire log can be useful.
    • What debugging you may have already done.
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