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This page gathers open discussions regarding the Karaf roadmap.

It's a place where all Karaf developers could share ideas before opening the corresponding Jira tasks.

Upcoming releases roadmap

Karaf 3.0

  • Karaf clustering
  • Karaf profiles : There where some discussions here that Karaf profiles might should be merged into features/kar concept... (question)
  • Switch to jdk 1.6 (discussion should take place)
  • Assemblies : Karaf will be available under different deliverables
    • light
    • standard
    • enterprise (including Aries JPA, Tx, JNDI, EJB)
    • mobile
  • JAAS easy configuration (can someone extend this idea ??)
  • Karaf Archive : scope of the tooling must be finalized and how we will position it in project (aka Kar vs EBA archive, ...)
  • Karaf Enterprise Repository see here
  • Revamp lok'n'feel of WebConsole
  • Tooling & dependencies
    • Pre- and Post processing gogo scripts for features --> to add config files, libs and other settings, in addition to bundles, features should provide post and pre processing of a gogo script which can does the additional setup.
    • Minimize dependencies and distributions : currently a lot of different dependencies are directly included in Karaf. Instead we should minimize the Kernel again and rather provide additional projects for e.g. spring or at best "export" the features/kar configs into projects like aries, cxf, camel, ...
    • karaf-maven-plugin with at least run, distribution and kar : While there are many possible goals here I think a run, distribution and kar goal would be the most important. The run-goal should unzip an assembly and execute the .sh/.bin files depending on your system, distribution should simply build a distribution out of lots of kar files which describe e.g. branding, features, configs, ...) but at best with nothing else required. If this is not possible giving only config, lib and some kind of "additional" directories would be also great here. For kar we simply package jar bundles and features.xml files. It may also include config files and other things required for setup.
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