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Build Process

The following process can be used to build the project without an existing repository clone.

git clone
mvn clean install

If the repository has already been cloned the following process should be used.

git stash
git rebase
git stash pop
mvn clean install

There is also a build.xml in the root that will do the same thing by executing simply ant.


There are a few other ant targets and mvn command lines to generate various other things.

Development Build

The following are equivalent. Does not generate distribution ZIPs.

mvn clean install

Verify Build (aka "Release")

The following are equivalent. Generates distribution ZIPs in target/dist/{X.Y.Z}

ant release
mvn -Prelease clean install

This is also equivalent to the Jenkins job Knox-master-verify

Full Build

Generates distribution ZIPs in target/dist/{X.Y.Z}. Generates full site in target/site of the top level and all sub-modules.

ant full
mvn -Panalyze -Prelease clean site

This is also equivalent to the Jenkins job Knox-master-daily


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Privacy Policy

Apache Knox uses the standard Apache privacy policy.

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