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  • KNOX-195: Simple way to introduce new Service
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This design is intended to address the following issues:

KNOX-195@jira: Simple way to introduce new service without requiring code

The basic issue is that the development and delivery of code is currently required to add a new Service into Knox.
This results in a barrier to entry for integrating new services with Knox.
The design below is intended to introduce a very simple configuration based mechanism to accomplish this.
Naturally this will only cover very simple use-cases.
More advanced requirements will still require the development of a ServiceDeploymentContributor.

A topology file sketch containing a use of the "default" service.


Note: Something isn't quite right with the above. Basically I'd prefer if there were a way to specify a chain per pattern but this doesn't support that.


public class DefaultServiceDeploymentContributor {

  String getRole() {
    return "*"; // The "*" will require special handling in the framework.

  String getName() {
    return "generic";

  void initializeContribution( DeploymentContext context ) {
    // NoOp

  void contributeService( DeploymentContext context, Service service ) throws Exception {
    ResourceDescriptor resource = context.getGatewayDescriptor().addResource();
    resource.role( service.getRole() );
    resource.pattern( service.getParam( "pattern" );

    UrlRewriteRulesDescriptor serviceRules = loadRules( service.getParam( "rewrite" ) );
    UrlRewriteRulesDescriptor clusterRules = context.getDescriptor( "rewrite" );
    clusterRules.addRules( serviceRules );

  // Called after all contributors and before provider finalizeContribution methods.
  void finalizeContribution( DeploymentContext context )  {
    // NoOp

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