• Neutron

it would be *really* cool if all data flow between editor and lenya repository could be handled via neutron. editors who do not support neutron natively could be wrapped (if they provide hooks). editors that do not provide such hooks are evil imho. (JörnNettingsmeier)

Problems with Neutron

  • Neutron lacks specification of sitetree format (will be added soon)
  • Neutron sitetree format based on WebDAV, probably not sufficient

ToDo for Neutron Support

  • a) Establish standard XSLT structure to deliver to editors
    • Convention: resource type name = module name?
    • XSLT as resource type format?
    • parameterizable resource types? (<param name="xslt" value="cocoon://..."/>)
  • b) Deliver XHTML with link to CSS
  • Provide sitetree XML

Generic Editor API


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