Best Practises for Content Models

Fundamental Decisions

Native JCR UUIDs vs. artificial UUIDs

  • Native:
    • Automatic referential integrity checks
    • Find links to a page using Node.getReferences()
    • UUIDs generated by repository
  • Artificial:
    • More flexibility re. modelling translations (multiple nodes can share a UUID)
    • Lenya 2.0.* repositories can be directly migrated
  • Combination
    • Native JCR UUIDs for referential integrity
    • Lenya UUIDs for internal links

Referential integrity check (via reference properties) for internal links?

  • Issues:
    • Pages containing links to non-published pages can't be published
    • Scheduled operations will fail (e.g. deactivation)
  • Probably does more harm than good.

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