Links on CMS stuff

This page is for collecting links to the world of CMS that Lenya is increasingly becoming a part of.

It's basically a JSP frontend on top of Jackrabbit. All data is stored on the filesystem, and one needs to know JSP (+ taglibs I assume) to create another "skin" or application on top of it.

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Collaborative Source means that anyone has access to the source code but deployment in a commercial setting requires a paid license. For more information see: It's a bit like .org for .org, but not for .com!

  • Xitex WebContent M1. The enterprise-class J2EE web content management server by XITEX Software. Powerful solution for making your website the cornerstone of your business success, which provides you with numerous of pluggable components to enhance its interactivity, as well as makes the content management process as pleasant as it ever could be. Easy to use and to administer. Staging environment, Draft & Preview mode, Workflow, Versioning. Easy templates development. You'll deploy the solution quickly and scale your system as your needs grow.

In this section we can collect postings of users explaining their requirements for a good CMS. We might want to make sure we stick to fruitful postings and articles.

for CMS based on Cocoon see:

for CMSs based on PHP see:

for CMS comparison in general see:

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