Lenya Reviewers Guide

The information in this page is mostly outdated, and the USPs do not reflect many innovations taking place in Lenya 2.0. – JörnNettingsmeier <<DateTime(2007-07-30T12:42:15Z)>>

This document is for you if you either

  • heard about Lenya and are trying to get an idea if you should seriously consider it or
  • you are doing research on Open Source CMS in general and need the five minute summary of Lenya

Why is it called Lenya?

It is a combination of the names of MichaelWechner's children Le*vi and Va*nya.

USPs (Unique Selling Prepositions)

  • Based on Apache Cocoon, a rock-solid java-based XML framework that is used by a number of heavy duty mission critical applications
  • Content written is held in XML, not in any proprietary format or database
  • Browser based WYSIWYG editing: Editors don't need a special client
  • Arbitrary choice of CSS, Layout, Navigation, etc. - Lenya sites don't look like Lenya sites
  • Promising roadmap: Implementation of major relevant JSRs planned

Technologies and Standards

  • XML
  • XSLT

Technologies used

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