1.) High priority

  1. open/save document
  2. Create collection of documents
  3. Open and save collections of assets
  4. Simple versioning
  5. Extensible metadata per asset version in order to reflect things like workflow as discussed here:
  6. Simple metdata queries in order to fullfill 1.5.)
  7. Moving of single assets and collections in the repository (without breaking contracts). The moving of assets could be implemented via metadata see 1.5.). This requirement serves as basis to implement staging of assets.
  8. If access control is a concern of the Repository I propose it to be reflected in the rep. API, because otherwise Lenya has to deal with it. This is an important decision.

2.) MediumPriority

  1. Locking of assets. This is essential for concurrent actions on assets.
  2. Simple transactions

3.) LowPriority

  1. Complex metadata queries
  2. Observation - add listeners to specific events in the repository based on both the type of event and on the location in the repository.
  3. Implement OAI interface for metadata harvesting.



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