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  1. Verify the code builds cleanly using mvn clean site:site install.
  2. Make sure you have a PGP key of at least 4096 bits in the RSA format added to the KEYS file in addition to a public PGP key server such as and

Release Candidate

  1. Set the version manually in pom.xml to the release version and commit.
  2. With a clean checkout of master, execute mvn site:site to generate the documentation.
  3. Edit src/changes/changes.xml and set the release date of the next release and commit.
  4. Run mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=$HOME/chainsaw and verify the site looks right.
  5. Run mvn install
  6. Publish target/site/ files to a staging site(, branch asf-staging)
  7. Tag the RC
  8. Create the source archive for the RC
    1. git archive --format=tar.gz [tag-name] > target/apache-chainsaw-[version]-src.tar.gz
    2. git archive --format=zip [tag-name] > target/apache-chainsaw-[version]
  9. Execute MY-PGP-KEY-ID to generate the .asc and .sha512 files for built artifacts.
  10. Copy target/apache-chainsaw-*-bin.* target/apache-chainsaw-*-standalone.* to and commit to SVN.
  11. Create a release candidate tag using git tag -u MY-PGP-KEY chainsaw-X.Y.Z-rcN && git push --tags
  12. Make a release candidate vote email and send to

Release Vote Passes

  1. Copy the accepted release candidate tag: git tag -u MY-PGP-KEY chainsaw-X.Y.Z chainsaw-X.Y.Z-rcN && git push --tags
  2. Move artifacts from to 
    1. This can be done via the command: svn cp ^/dev/logging/chainsaw/ ^/release/logging/chainsaw/X.Y.Z/
  3. Commit site to and update the 2.x symlink to point to that directory.
    1. Add in any special modifications to the site based on vote thread feedback (make sure to also commit to git if not done already).
  4. Set the version in pom.xml to a new snapshot.
  5. Send announcement email.

Release Vote Fails

  1. Remove artifacts from
  2. Start from beginning and try again!

Manual Steps

  • Version numbers and tags are managed manually at the moment.
  • Download URLs for artifacts are currently written in manually.
  • CSS fixes are applied manually.

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