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Jan 13


This list is from Memory because I didn't think to write down at the time. Please add yourself if I missed you, and accept my sincerest apologies.

Cassandra, Anshum, Tomas, Houston, Tim Potter, Alexandre, Gus Heck, David Smiley, Michael Sokolov, Mike Drob, Atri Sharma, Ishan, Jason Gerlowski, Kevin Risden, Jan

Discussion Topics

The 'Time' column is optional but if you specify it, we'd be able to organize this better. It's ok to take longer and this is only supposed to be an estimate.

Lucene + Solr project level

10 min9.0 Release PlanningmdrobI'm probably not the best person for this, but I want to make sure it gets on the agenda. Happy to cede this item to somebody else. 
15 minSolr TLP creationAnshumRequirements and timeline (I'll add more details before the meeting)
10 minSolr Sandbox RepoAnshumOngoing discussion on the mailing list




5 minDocker ImageHouston

Action items

Committer Meeting Notes

9.0 Release Planing

  • Will release Lucene/Solr separately
  • Vector work in Lucene, lots of work in Solr as well burning to be released.
  • 8.x releases could continue… (8.9 Solr depending on 8.8 Lucene?)
  • Reminder that there are issues with new minors after a major release (8.9 after a 9.0) - somebody to research.
  • Action Item: Label as blockers any issues that MUST be resolved before a release.
  • Solr packages need an upgrade strategy (minor-minor, minor-major)
  • May consider decoupling organizational change from code change.
  • Release train keeps getting bigger and bigger?
  • Action item: define critical path to releasing split code.

Solr TLP Creation

  • Should happen before 9.0
  • Ton of interest initially, but activity has since seemed to slow down
  • Just more forward with everybody current on the PMC/Committer list?
  • Several people claim that it “feels wrong” but difficult to articulate the actual concerns
  • Potential compromise is to mark folks as emeritus on website, while still providing commit bit
    • Auto-opt-in for anybody active in the past X years
    • Smiley volunteered to reach out to all committers to ascertain their desired relationship with Solr TLP.
    • Important to have communication for restoring status for people who may have been missed.
  • …And then send board resolution
  • Expect all of this to take ~month between vote and next board meeting/report.

Solr Sandbox

  • Isolation of components that need a separate release cadence
  • Goal is to work and contribute directly to Apache (some companies have issues with personal projects)
  • Apache Commons had a “commons sandbox” with lower barrier to entry and lower expectations
  • Solr Extras, Solr Contrib, Solr Commons?
  • First party packages should still live in the repo
  • - example LTR?
  • - example Streaming Expressions that could work with multiple versions
  • Best candidates are contribs that “sit there” once they are done

Docker Image

  • Post 9.0, plan to provide Docker images via solr repo instead of docker-solr repo
  • How is it going to be released - official image or apache image or ???
  • Need to understand verification steps for “official” images
  • Can we release at the same time (Release and Docker)
  • Are these releasable according to ASF policy (source v binary)
  • Likely need to be released to ASF org on docker hub.