Getting Started with GData - Server

A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Requirements

If you environment is set up check out the latest trunk version of lucene at As the GData Server has not been released yet you need to build your war file yourself. This requieres the trunk ant files and the lucene sources or a prebuild lucene jar inside the trunk/build folder.

2. Prepare configuration

Change your current direcotry to /PathToWorkingCopyOfLucene/java/trunk/contrib/gdata-server/webroot/metainf and modify the context.xml file if needed. (Apache Tomcat Configuration Reference)

Change your current direcotry to /PathToWorkingCopyOfLucene/java/trunk/contrib/gdata-server/webroot/WEB-INF. Currently there only the deployment descriptor inside this directroy. If you remove something inside the web.xml file be aware of that the server could fail start up or the behaviour is not as expected. You can safely add some features as security constrains or other servlets, filter or listener.

2.1 Configure the server (gdata-config.xml)

Change your current direcotry to /PathToWorkingCopyOfLucene/java/trunk/contrib/gdata-server/webroot/WEB-INF/classes. You might find some other files in this directory as xml gramma files you can safely ignore these files, they will be removed in later development and included inside the jar files. If these file are still in this direcotry you must not remove or modify them!

Now you should open the gdata-config.xml file with your favorite xml or text editor to modify the configuration. For a detailed description on this file see the Configuration HowTo section of the wiki.

The gdata-config.xml file starts with the service (Service and Feeds) definition for your server.

Now you are ready to build the server and create the war file.

3. Build GData - Server

Change your current direcotry to:


Start the build process

ant war-gdata

After the build process has finished, the war file is ready for deployment:


4. Alter administration account

By default each GData - Server instance has a predefined administration account created the first time you start your server. You should change the password for this default administrator user as soon as possible so other can't access your admin interface.

Updating and creating accounts is described in the account howto.

5. Create a feed

To make your sever serving feeds, you need to create a feed instance for a configured service. To create a new feed see the Feed administartion HowTo.

6. Request your feed

If you created a new feed successfully, you can request your feed at http://yourDomain:port/gdata-server/serviceName/feedId

Congratulations your GData - Server is ready to use!

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