This page captures what tests must pass for a given release candidate

All Releases

All releases must test the following:

  1. LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt are properly filled out for all dependencies
  2. RAT passes for checking all headers, etc.
  3. Proper Build Artifacts
    1. non-zero file size
    3. signatures and md5sums match
    4. Proper version numbers assigned
    5. Unpacked source packages can pass "ant test"
    6. Binary packages contain a jar for each "module"
    7. Unpack and check nested artifacts
      1. Solr war should have the right stuff
      2. All jars should contain LICENSE and NOTICE under META-INF

Lucene 4.0

Lucene 3.2


For every committer, write down here what you do to test a release candidate

Grant Ingersoll

  1. Build the sources
  2. Run all the tests
  3. check sigs., md5 hashes, etc.
  4. run the demos, index content
  5. run the Solr example and index some content,
  6. check over the LICENSE, NOTICE, CHANGES files
  7. Check the overall packaging, etc. is reasonable
  8. I run them through my training code
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