Updating the back-compat tests

To modify and test backwards branch since Lucene 3.1-dev (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/LUCENE-2193), you need at least subversion v1.5.0. Steps:

  • run "svn up" in backwards folder to get the HEAD revision
  • modify backwards branch
  • to now test this modified branch revision, run "ant test-backwards -Dbackwards.rev=HEAD" (HEAD is needed to not downgrade your checkout to common-build.xml's rev, if you forget this you have to run "svn up" again before commit)
  • commit changes in backwards branch with "svn commit" (be sure to change to backwards/$branchname
  • copy the revision number from commit message and insert into common-build.xml's property $backwards.rev
  • (test again and) commit trunk

In the 2.9 and 3.0 branch you need to use the following steps (these branches are not using revision numbers, but tags):

Method 1:

roughly these are the steps:

  • Make mods to tags/lucene_2_4_.../* so "ant test-tag" passes
  • Use "svn switch" to switch that tags checkout from a "tag" to the
    • 2_4 back compat branch
  • Commit from that dir & plant a new tag
  • Update common-build.xml to point to the new tag
  • Maybe run "ant test-tag" again and confirm everything passes
  • Commit at the top level

Method 2:

  • Checkout Lucene and make your changes
  • Checkout the backwards compat branch: lucene/java/branches/lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests to lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests.
  • Place a build.properties file in your trunk dir with the following lines:
    • tag=lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests
      tags.dir= #enter the path to the folder that holds the lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests checkout folder

  • You can then test using ant test / test-tag
  • If everything is ok, commit the lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests checkout, and tag (svn copy …) lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests to the next logical back compat tag in lucene/java/tags ie lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests_20090811
  • Now update common-build.xml - change compatability.tag to point to the tag you just made ie <property name="compatibility.tag" value="lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests_20090811"/>
  • Remove the build.properties file you created (or comment out each line with #) and run ant clean test to ensure everything is correct.
  • Finally, commit your changes as well as the updated common-build.xml
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