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  • Planning the 4x port of lucene into .NET.

Milestone 1 - Get R Done OR Lucene.Net 4.0 CTP

  • Lucene 4x Port Progress
  • Port Lucene, Lucene.TestFramework & Testing libraries.
  • This will be the .NET idiomatic API since there is a strong difference in Java and C# at this point
  • CI needs to be setup.
  • This version of Lucene.Net needs to adhere to style cop rules and add exceptions for FxCop
  • Fully documented core.
  • Release as CTP.
  • Nuget Package.

Milestone 2 - Shake & Bake OR Lucene.Net 4.0 CTP referesh

  • Blog, Tweet, Tweet, Blog.
  • Gather community feed back.
  • Enhance API.
  • Finalize Release Requirements.
  • Start porting Contrib Projects.

Milestone 3 - The not-so-much-5-year-google-docs beta OR Lucene.Net 4.0 Beta

  • Fix bugs.
  • Build a few crazy demo apps.
  • Create videos, tutorials, & hit up podcasts and media moguls.
  • Needs to work on mono, windows mobile 7, silverlight 4, and .NET 4x




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