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  • Sept 2014
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Apache Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users.
== Summary ==
In the last month we have had a significant contribution from some interns at Microsoft. After working through CLA/ICLA issues we were able to get their code for a port of Java Lucene 4.8 into our official Lucene.Net repo. We are actively working on getting tests to pass (with approx. 3/4ths passing). As well as porting additional contrib packages for additional functionality.
We had some issues with the ICLA, and it was determined, with legal, secretary and some board input, that we are not going to question CLA's and their responses where they say they do not require employer ICLA's.
== Releases ==
Working toward 4.8. Additionally we have a 4.3 port targeting portable common library in the works.
== Statistics ==
Nuget package downloads:
Lucene.Net 3.0.3: 85731
Lucene.Net Contrib 3.0.3: 25325
Lucene.Net Contrib Spatial: 3480
Lucene.Net Contrib Spatial.NTS: 842
== Additional Information ==

  • We've gotten some support from Microsoft developers, it looks like there is a group in MSFT that is taking an active interest in this project (just an observation)
  • We've had some questions about the health of the project on our mailing list, as well as a number of people asking how they could get involved (from website maintenance to porting code)
  • A few of our committers are very active working to finalize the v4 port of Lucene.Net
  • There have been ~50 new questions tagged as Lucene.Net since July(
  • Overall, I feel we are doing ok, but as a team we need to get a new release out (last release was end of 2012)

Our last PMC Member and Committer was added late 2013, we did discuss inviting the MSFT employees as committers, however, they appeared to be interns (and have since gone silent).

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