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Goal / Scope

Final 1.12 release with new functionality and bug fixes.  This is the first release as an ASF Top Level Project.

Release Artifacts

Download the 1.12 release.

Source code, rpm and dmg binaries are posted.

Date of release:  Aug 29, 2017

JIRAs associated with the 1.12 release

Release Notes

MADlib v1.12:

Release Date: 2017-August-29

New features:
* New module: Graph - All Pairs Shortest Path (MADLIB-1072, MADLIB-1099, MADLIB-1106)
* New module: Graph - Weakly Connected Components (MADLIB-1071, MADLIB-1083, MADLIB-1101)
* New module: Graph - Breadth First Search (MADLIB-1102)
* New module: Graph - Measures (MADLIB-1073)
* New Module: Sample - Stratified Sampling (MADLIB-986)
* New Module: Sample - Train-test split (MADLIB-1119)
* New Module: Multilayer Perceptron (MADLIB-413, MADLIB-1134)
* DT and RF:
    - Allow expressions in feature list (MADLIB-1087)
    - Allow array input for features (MADLIB-965)
    - Filter NULL dependent values in OOB (MADLIB-1097)
    - Add option to treat NULL as category
* Summary:
    - Allow user to determine the number of columns per run (MADLIB-1117)
    - Improve efficiency of computation time by ~35% (MADLIB-1104)
* Sketch:
    - Promote cardinality estimators to top level module from early stage (MADLIB-1120)
* Add basic code coverage support (MADLIB-1138)
* Updates for Apache Top Level Project readiness (MADLIB-1112, MADLIB-1130, MADLIB-1133, MADLIB-1142)

Bug fixes:
    - DT and RF:
        - Fix array to string conversion with CV
        - Include NULL rows in count for termination check
    - Sketch:
        - Remove per-tuple checks for better performance
    - PageRank:
        - Fix multiple bugs and perf issue in grouping (MADLIB-1100, MADLIB-1107)
    - Kmeans:
        - Fix IC drop table statements
    - Graph:
        - Fix quoted output table name bug (MADLIB-1137)
        - Fix empty string arguments bug
    - Elastic Net:
        - Fix the data scaling bug with normalization (MADLIB-1094)
        - Reduce the tolerance for a faster IC test (MADLIB-1118)
    - Control:
        - Update 'optimizer' GUC only if editable (MADLIB-1109)

    - Build: Add CDATA block to avoid invalid xml
    - Multiple user documentation improvements

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