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  • Maven 3.x and site plugin
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The Site plugin now supports Maven 2 and Maven 3.x concurrently, but configuration has changed significantly. Please see for more info.

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  1. Regarding the new configuration: The problem I see here is that it won't be possible to configure two report mojos from the same plugin which (by accident or whatever) have an equally named parameter with different values. E.g. in the example snippet above, if both "foo" and "toto" have a parameter named "param", it's not possible to set this parameter to "one" for "foo" and to "two" for execution of "toto".

    Possible solutions: Allow multiple declarations of the same <plugin> block or keep the concept of report sets from the original POM. The latter approach is IMHO more consistent with the rest of Maven (i.e. build plugins).

  2. why not simply copy (in the project builder) the old reporting section to the new site plugin configuration ?