Full detailed explanations can be found in Maven Model Builder Interpolation reference documentation.

This page extracts a few classical values:
  • ${project.basedir} 
    • This references to the root folder of the module/project (the location where the current pom.xml file is located)

POM properties referencing useful build locations, with default values defined in the Super POM:

  • ${project.build.directory}
    • This represents by default the target folder.
  • ${project.build.outputDirectory}
    • This represents by default the target/classes folder.
  • ${project.build.testOutputDirectory}
    • This represents by default the target/test-classes folder.
  • ${project.build.sourceDirectory}
    • This represents by default the src/main/java folder.
  • ${project.build.testSourceDirectory}
    • This represents by default the src/test/java folder.

You can use further properties like the following:

  • ${project.build.finalName}
    • This is by default defined as ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.
  • ${project.version}
    • This can be used at locations where you have to write a literal version otherwise, in particular if you are in a multi-modules build for inter modules dependencies.

User Settings

The settings.xml elements could be referenced by using things like this (see also at the Super POM):

  • ${settings.localRepository}
    • which references the location of the local repository. This is by default ${home}/.m2/repository.
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