Submitting Issues for Maven's Core

If you are submitting an issue for Maven's core the only requirement is that you provide a stand-alone project that we can use to reproduce the problem.

We are not going to checkout your OSS project and try to build it, and we're not going to try and decipher a long (or short) message and interpret what you mean, and if it happens in your production build that you can't share then there's much we can do to help unless you can separate out the issue. Without a stand-alone project to demonstrate the problem it's just too time consuming to try and figure out. We have generally done the work to create an integration test for changes, and that is very time consuming in itself. If an issue comes in without an example project to demonstrate the problem, then after 3 months it will be closed. A Maven committer, or another user may want to help you create a stand-alone project but there must be a stand-alone project.

The preferred way of providing an example project is Github repository with the example project. It's much easier to collaborate if there are adjustments that need to be made. You can just put the link to the Github repo in the description or a comment and we'll find it. An attached ZIP file is also acceptable.


The Maven Team