Release DateVersionJIRA IssueDiscussionFeaturesRelease manager(s)
TBD1.0.0   TBD
6/4/20160.28.2N/A Bug fixJie Yu
4/13/20160.28.1N/A Bug fixJie Yu

net_cls cgroups, floating point fix, reservation labels

unified containerizer (*experimental)

v1 Executor HTTP API (*experimental)

Vinod Kone
3/7/20160.27.2N/A Bug fixMichael Park
2/22/20160.27.1N/ALinkBug fixMichael Park, Joris Van Remoortere
1/31/20160.27.0N/ALinkQuota, Multi-Disk support, Implicit roles, state.json performance improvementTim Chen, Michael Park, Kapil Arya
4/12/20160.26.1 LinkBugfixMichael Park
12/16/20150.26.0 MESOS-3758 - Getting issue details... STATUS  BugfixBernd Mathiske
4/12/20160.25.1 LinkBugfixMichael Park
10/12/20150.25.0 MESOS-3342 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkMaintenance primitives, Networking plug-ability, Operator API, AuthorizationNiklas Nielsen, Michael Park, Joris Van Remoortere
4/12/20160.24.2 LinkBugfixMichael Park
9/4/20150.24.0 MESOS-2562 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkHTTP Scheduler APIVinod Kone
7/22/20150.23.0 MESOS-2561 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Per-container network isolation, SSL, Oversubscription, Persistent VolumesAdam B
5/04/20150.22.1 MESOS-2579 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkBugfixAdam B
3/24/20150.22.0 MESOS-2248 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkDisk isolation, Task Labels, Service Discovery InfoNiklas Nielsen
12/18/20140.21.1 LinkBugfixTim Chen
11/13/20140.21.0 MESOS-1964 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkState reconciliationIan Downes, Ben Mahler
9/18/20140.20.1 LinkBug fixAdam B, Bhuvan Arumugam
8/18/20140.20.0 MESOS-1645 - Getting issue details... STATUS LinkDocker support, network monitoring, framework rate limitingJie Yu
7/14/20140.19.1  Bug fixBen Mahler
6/4/20140.19.0 MESOS-1311 - Getting issue details... STATUS  RegistrarBen Mahler
5/13/20140.18.2  Bug fixNiklas Nielsen
4/28/20140.18.1  Bug fixNiklas Nielsen
4/1/20140.18.0  Containerizer and isolator APIsIan Downes
2/24/20140.17.0  Replicated LogJie Yu
1/23/20140.16.0  Refactor of leading master election and detection processYan Xu
11/25/20130.15.0  Authentication support for frameworksVinod Kone
11/3/20130.14.2  Bug fixBen Mahler
10/9/20130.14.1  Bux fixVinod Kone
10/9/20130.14.0  Slave recoveryVinod Kone
9/1/20130.13.0   Ben Mahler
7/31/20130.12.1   Ben Mahler
6/10/20130.12.0   Ben Mahler
5/28/20130.11.0   Vinod Kone
12/11/20120.10.0   Benjamin Hindman
04/19/20120.9.0   Benjamin Hindman
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