The following are hackathon ideas, please add your own project to the list, your name, any associated JIRA issue, and if you're looking for folks to join your group. You must be logged into confluence in order to edit this document.

Hackathon Ideas

  • Visualisation / UI work - the current Mesos and Aurora UIs could do with some spicing up and some cool visualisations could be done showing job / task locations on slaves as well as resource allocations (and quotas for aurora)
  • Release process - release a version of Aurora...
  • Bug fixing - get a Mesos cluster running out of docker containers - this requires fixing the MESOS-809 issue in order to allow it to publish a custom IP
  • HTTP API for aurora - a http-thrift bridge app for aurora providing all of the functionality that the aurora python client provides

You're also welcome to share ideas for further discussion on the or mailing lists.

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