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  • Metron currently provides an extensible framework to plug in threat intel sources.  Each threat intel source has two components: an enrichment data source and an enrichment bolt.  The threat intelligence feeds are bulk loaded and streamed into a threat intelligence store similarly to how the enrichment feeds are loaded.  The keys are loaded in a key-value format.   The key is the indicator and the value is the JSON formatted description of what the indicator is.  It is recommended to use a threat feed aggregator such as Soltra to dedup and normalize the feeds via Stix/Taxii.  Metron provides an adapter that is able to read Soltra-produced Stix/Taxii feeds and stream them into HBase, which is the data store of choice to back high-speed threat intel lookups of Metron.  Metron additionally provides a flat file and Stix bulk loader that can normalize, dedup, and bulk load or stream threat intel data into HBase even without the use of a threat feed aggregator.  




The following threat intel feeds and formats are supported by Metron's threat intel loader framework:

Threat FeedFeed IndicatorsFeed FormatFeed DescriptionFeed LinkRefresh Rate
SoltraMultipleStix/TaxiiThreat Intel Feed Aggregator every 5 minutes
Hail A Taxi


Stix/TaxiiExternal Stix/Taxii Feed every 5 minutes
 ...More to come    
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