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Well it's the question most asked, How does a MINA based application look like? In this article lets see what's the architecture of MINA based application. Have tried to gather the information from presentations based on MINA.

A Bird's Eye View

Lets take a deeper dive into the details

The image is from Emmanuel Lécharny presentation MINA in real life (ApacheCon EU 2009)

Broadly, MINA based applications are divided into 3 layers

  • I/O Service - Performs actual I/O
  • I/O Filter Chain - Filters/Transforms bytes into desired Data Structures and vice-versa
  • I/O Handler - Here resides the actual business logic

So, how to create a MINA based Application

  1. Create I/O service - Choose from already available Services (*Acceptor) or create your own
  2. Create Filter Chain - Choose from already existing Filters or create a custom Filter for transforming request/response
  3. Create I/O Handler - Write business logic, on handling different messages
    Creating a MINA application is this simple (smile)
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  1. About the first drawing : I don't think "Serial" can be placed under "Java Network API" umbrella