• Added GPU support for the syevd operator which ensures that there is GPU support for all linalg-operators.
  • Bugfix for syevd on CPU such that it works for float32.
  • Fixed API call when OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable is set.
  • Fixed MakeNonlossGradNode bug.
  • Fixed bug related to passing dtype to array().
  • Fixed some minor bugs for sparse distributed training.  
  • Fixed a bug on Slice accessing uninitialized memory in param.begin in the file matrix_op-inl.h.
  • Fixed gluon.data.RecordFileDataset.
  • Fixed a bug that caused autograd to crash on some networks.

How to build MXNet

Please follow the instructions at https://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/install/index.html 

List of submodules used by Apache MXNet (Incubating) and when they were updated last

Submodule:: Last updated by MXNet:: Last update in submodule

  1. cub@:: 31-Jul :: 28-Aug
  2. dlpack@: 08-Sep :: 06-Oct
  3. dmlc-core@: 08-Sep:: 06-Oct
  4. mshadow@: 03-Oct:: 09-Oct
  5. nnvm@: 10-Sep:: 10-Oct
  6. ps-lite@: 28-Mar:: 27-Jul

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