Release timelines

Following timeline is based on everything goes well.(Added some buffer time)

Code Freeze and release startTrack ongoing PRsNovember 27, 2018done 12/16

Cut the release branchCheck license headersNovember 29, 2018done 12/2Depending on stability

Make code changes with necessary version updatesNovember 29, 2018
master version was already on 1.4.0

Cut the release branchNovember 29, 2018done 11/29

Update the version on masterNovember 29, 2018done 12/7
Test the release and tag the releaseNightly test, Jenkins CIDecember 4, 2018setup done 11/29

RAT checkpart of CIpassed

Tag RC0

Package artifacts and validateCreate release artifactsDecember 6, 2018

Validate release packageDecember 6, 2018

Test release packageDecember 6, 2018

Scala release process

Begin apache votingStart vote on dev@December 7, 2018

Start vote on general@December 11, 2018

Finalizing and posting the releaseCreate the final release tag on githubDecember 17, 2018

Rename, resign and upload the src tar to final dirDecember 17, 2018

Update the website using tagDecember 17, 2018

Release the official pip packageDecember 17, 2018

Release the official docker imagesDecember 17, 2018

After 24 hrs, validate the packages are uploadedDecember 18, 2018

Draft the offical announce email and review

Send out the email on announce@December 18, 2018

Update the apache blogDecember 18, 2018

update the aws blogDecember 18, 2018

send internal announcementDecember 18, 2018

CI status:

Open PRs to track




Status (merged)

MKLDNN LSTM Regression in MKLDNN 0.17

Alex, Patric

Open, PR merged on both master and v1.4.x -
PR for 1.4.x branch:

Fix shape inference problems in Activation backward

PedroOpen, PR for v1.4.x ready

libc getenv is not threadsafe

Pedro, Sam S.Postponed degradationAlex Z.Open, root cause identified

Pretty high cpu load when import mxnet

multipleOpen (merged) (merged)

Scala Inference enable different shapes input

QingOpen on master, needs PR to merge to v1.4.x branch

Rewrite dataloader, improves responsiveness and reliability


Open on master, needs PR to merge to v1.4.x branch, needs test

API to return header file path in MXNet packageLin YuanMerged to master. Tested. Needed by Horovod MXNet integration.

Fix deconvolution

Taoapplies PR #13433 to release 1.4.x, which fixes mkldnn deconvolution under certain conditions

High impact security vulnerabilities in Java/Scala

Add resiliency to onnx export code

Sinafixed in master, need PR for v1.4.x

Revert "Manually track num_max_thread (#12380)"

Anirudhresolved on v1.4.x branch with Jetson CompilationPedro
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