Apache Infrastructure is a team of administrators that are responsible for the entire infrastructure that holds the Apache Foundation services. Their responsibilities include:

  • Apache mailing lists
  • Release distribution
  • Our Website servershttps://mxnet.incubator.apache.org/ - the content is managed by the Apache MXNet community!
  • DNS
  • GitHub administration

A lot of tasks are made to be self-serviced. Before you attempt to establish any contact, please read the "Ticket creation" section below and follow this guide to route your question to the appropriate place. 

At Apache MXNet, certain parts of the infrastructure are being maintained by volunteers and don't run on Apaches infrastructure. These systems include:

For inqueries regarding these systems, please contact dev@mxnet.apache.org

Ticket creation

Before establishing contact with Apache Infrastructure, you have to make sure that you possess the appropriate permissions to do so. The Apache MXNet PPMC and the Apache Infra Head Administrator Greg Stein agreed on the following terms:

- IPMC and PPMC members are allowed to create tickets
- Committers are not allowed to create tickets
- Contributors are not allowed to create tickets
- There always has to be a dev@ thread before a ticket can be created. That thread has to be linked in that said ticket.
- Always search for a solution yourself (self-service) before engaging with Apache Infra.

Quick refresher about the used terms:

If you are in doubt about your role, please don't hesitate to send an email to dev@mxnet.apache.org

Scheduled events

In case it is necessary to have a time sensitive change (e.g. switch of CI systems or other breaking configuration changes), create a ticket ahead of time and mention it. You can also propose a schedule if you already have an idea when you would like a change to happen.

If you get no response to the ticket, you can go to the HipChat or Slack channel (#asfinfra) and ask very nicely (wink). If nobody is responding or able to serve your request, please contact Greg Stein (gstein@apache.org) in CC with private@infra.apache.org to get it prioritised. 

Security incident

In case you encountered a security incident with our infrastructure, please follow this guide. Also, always send an email to private@mxnet.apache.org and we will make sure to handle your request with proper discretion and prioritisation. 

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