MXNet developer community is committed to provide our customers the best user experience in exploring MXNet through the well maintained official website ( Given that there are several MXNet websites hosting a subset of documents, it benefits our users if we merge the good features and resources all to the official website to make it as the one stop for all MXNet customers.

Problems hosts Python and R documents with a subset of tutorials. According to Google Analytics it has 19741 year to date page views in 2020, however, this website is not maintained by MXNet engineer team and the contents have not been updated for more than 1 year. Visitors can be confused by different versions of MXNet website and documents.

Proposed Solution

To make MXNet official website the one-stop site for all visitors, this project aims to merge the outstanding features and supplement documents from to MXNet official website. And redirect all traffic to the main site upon project completion.


  1. Set up a restyled, bug-free, update to date R API micro-site on MXNet website - June 26
  2. Build user feedback widget based Google Analytics on MXNet website- July 3
  3. Close beta site and redirect all traffic to MXNet official website - July 10

Implementation Timeline

June 15th - June 19th - Merge R docs site to MXNet website

  • Restyling the R docs site to ensure consistency in styles and layout with the main site, work includes adding top navigation bar and Apache footer, updating color scheme, adjusting layout etc.
  • Fix bugs and compatibility issues from the process of compiling R docs to reStructuredText

June 22nd - June 26th - Add R docs site building process to CI/CD

  • Update and Jenkins files to integrate the new R docs building process into CI/CD pipeline
  • Fully test the change on Jenkins and merge the R docs site code

June 29th - July 3rd - Build a user feedback widget based on Google Analytics

  • Design custom tracking metrics and work with account admin to add it to Google Analytics for MXNet website
  • Create front end widget for gathering user feedback,

July 6th - July 10th - Redirect all traffic to MXNet official website and close beta site

  • Work with the owner of beta website to redirect visitors to the main site
  • Improve features and fix bugs


  1. MXNet beta R docs site:
  2. MXNet beta website Github repo:
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