MXNet Numpy website hosts essential documents about the usage of MXNet APIs, it is important to share these contents with all MXNet community and new users. In this project, a plan for merging to MXNet official website is proposed to achieve above goals.


Contents from should be ported to MXNet official website

Proposed Solution

Given that MXNet and Numpy website contains similar contents that diverged from a point due to different maintaining teams, we will select the contents with latest updates to host on MXNet website. There are mainly 4 sections on Numpy website, here is a summary of each section compared to MXNet website:

Contents on

  • Guide/Getting started with NP on MXNet

Contains 6 updated version of Crash Course under Python/Tutorials/Get Started/Crash Course, will overwrite current crash course documents

  • Guide/What is NP on MXNet

These are new contents that should be added to main site, proposed location: /Python/Tutorials/Get Started/What is NP on MXNet

  • API/NP on MXNet reference

New contents about NP API, will be added to main site. Proposed location: /Python/Tutorials/Packages/NDArray/NP on MXNet reference

  • API/Gluon reference [Deprecated]

A subset of current Gluon Tutorials, will not make it to main site

Proposed File Changes on MXNet Website

The following graph shows how contents from MXNet Numpy site will merge into MXNet website.

Python Tutorials
|-- Getting Started
         |— UPDATE Crash Course <= Guide/Getting started with NP on MXNet
          |       |— UPDATE Step 1: Manipulate data with NP on MXNet
          |       |— UPDATE Step 2: Create a neural network
          |       |-- UPDATE Step 3: Automatic differentiation with autograd
          |       |-- UPDATE Step 4: Train the neural network
          |       |— UPDATE Step 5: Predict with a pretrained mode
          |       |-- UPDATE Step 6: Use GPUs to increase efficiency
         |— ADD What is NP on MXNet <= Guide/What is NP on MXNet
          |       |-- ADD The NP on MXNet cheat sheet
          |       |-- ADD Differences between NP on MXNet and NumPy
         |-- Packages
                  |-- NDArray
                          |— ADD NP on MXNet reference API - API/NP on MXNet reference
                                  |-- ADD Array objects
                                  |-- ADD Routines
                                  |-- ADD NP Extensions

Implementation Timeline

July 13th - July 17th - Migrate all contents from Numpy website to MXNet website

  • Migrate relating rst files to MXNet Python website code, fix incompatible bugs

July 20th - July 24th - Close down Numpy website and redirect traffic to MXNet website

  • Implement redirect and possible url mapping


  1. MXNet numpy website:
  2. Numpy website Github link:
  3. Github issue link:
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