From an analysis ran by Russell D.:

According to some quick lighthouse audits, the new site seems to have improved significantly. Performance saw a > ~100% improvement, SEO saw a ~25% improvement, and best practices improved by ~19%. Check below for the numbers and attached docs for the audit details.

I ran lighthouse from google chrome devtools on the wayback machine versions of the new site and the old site (last snapshotted on aug 19) a few times to check for myself..

Lighthouse audit using wayback machine on new site -

                Scores: 86, 71, 87, 86

                Mean: 82.5

                Median: 86

                Sum: 330

Lighthouse audit using wayback machine on old site -

Scores: 24, 30, 24, 28

Mean: 26.5

Median: 26

Sum: 106

Lighthouse audit accessing new site directly (to see the impact of wayback machine on the scores) -

Scores: 99, 99, 99, 98

Mean: 98.8

Median: 99

Sum: 395

Note that these scores are only for performance, but there was a significant uptick in best practices(increase of ~6-15 points) and SEO(~23 points). Accessibility is roughly the same, at ~80 points, which wasn’t bad to start with.

Though this is a small sample size, when we look at the difference in scores between wayback+newsite and the new site directly, it seems like the wayback machine has an impact of roughly ~16 performance points.

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