TestsImprove test coverage

Sheng Zha,

Kellen Sunderland,

Bhavin Thaker.

  • Add C++ Tests,
  • Scalability tests,
  • Volume, variety, velocity,
  • Model compatibility
  • Check version of dependencies (no RC)
  • Performance (benchmarks to CI)
TestsFix all disabled tests, flaky tests:

Sheng Zha,

Steffen Rochel

TestsOptimize Nightly Tests (they take too long)Meghna Baijal, Amol LeleMove some to performance benchmarks
ProcessesEnsure 2 weeks for release vote to begin (assuming only rc0)Bhavin ThakerCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesHave a release czar that is the gatekeeperBhavin ThakerCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesAdd keys of all committers to the Apache public keystore.Bhavin ThakerGet all Amazon committers to complete this action
ProcessesAs per Suneel Marthi, the committer sending the email should do all the release work and be the release lead.Bhavin ThakerCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesAll problems/fixes in release notes MUST have the PR link and a possible workaround if anyBhavin ThakerCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesDecide list of Features planned for the release in advanceSukwonCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesEvery feature and bug fix must be in the release notesSukwonCompleted, added to the release checklist
ProcessesAll PRs must have better descriptionsBhavin ThakerCompleted, reminder email sent to dev@; email thread subject = "[DISCUSSION] Adding labels to PRs"
ProcessesPRs must be reviewed, no self mergeBhavin ThakerCompleted, added to Development Processes
ProcessesAutomate the release processBhavin ThakerCompleted, New tasks will tracked in GitHub Issues.
CommunicationWe must decide on a single communication channel and all task owners must subscribe to email lists/slack channels.Bhavin ThakerCompleted, There have been various discussions on dev@ on using dev@ and Slack@ but no clear consensus due to preferences being different for various contributors. For now, let the community decide what works best.
LicensesFix all license issues mentioned, check for others, get reviewedBhavin ThakerPriority: RAT needs to be fixed.
LicensesAutomated RAT CheckMeghna Baijalafter licenses are clean - automate in unit tests by 17-Jan-2018.
LicensesAutomated license check for new files - verifyMeghna BaijalRAT check should be sufficient. Request to enhance RAT instead of creating new project-specific checks.
WebsiteDefine process for website release - add to release notesSanthoshPending
WebsiteDecouple the website repo (?)SanthoshPending
WebsiteSome issues need fixing (footer, remove 0.11.0.rc3 etc)SanthoshPending
DocsReview the Install Steps. Make available from readme.Meghna Baijalreview and update the existing script
DocsDefine process for adding readme/tutorial for new featuresAaronCompleted
CIImprove coverage in terms of instance types and versionsBhavin ThakerCompleted. Marco has already added new instance types to the CI. See this wiki: Proposal: Auto Scaling
CIChecklist for each webpage having steps to be tested in CIBhavin ThakerPending.
BlogsUpdate process: Add permissions in advance, blog should be in HTML, etc.SukwonThis is AWS specific blog for Apache MXNet.
Open issuesProcess to review, escalate open issuesSteffen Rochel


Progress made by having a file of maintainers for various areas of MXNet Code. See email from Mu Li on dev@.

Open issuesFind a way to incentivize people to close issuesSteffen Rochel 
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