During the Clojure release process, the jars are deployed to the staging apache repo. This page describes the process to test them before release and promotion.

  • Verify that the jars to be tested are visible here https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/staging/org/apache/mxnet/contrib/clojure/
  • Go into the example image classification in the Clojure package
    • cd mxnet/contrib/clojure-package/examples/imclassification
  • Edit the project.clj file to include the dependency. For example, if you are testing the 1.4.0 release the dep should be 

    • [org.apache.mxnet.contrib.clojure/clojure-mxnet-osx-cpu "1.4.0"]
  • Add the staging repository to the project.clj file

    :repositories [["staging" {:url "https://repository.apache.org/content/repositories/staging"
    ;; If a repository contains releases only setting
    ;; :snapshots to false will speed up dependencies.
    :snapshots true
    ;; Disable signing releases deployed to this repo.
    ;; (Not recommended.)
    :sign-releases false
    ;; You can also set the policies for how to handle
    ;; :checksum failures to :fail, :warn, or :ignore.
    :checksum :fail
    ;; How often should this repository be checked for
    ;; snapshot updates? (:daily, :always, or :never)
    :update :always
    ;; You can also apply them to releases only:
    :releases {:checksum :fail :update :always}}]]

  • Check that you don't have the jar locally in .m2. If you do, delete it
  • Now run `lein run` or `lein run :gpu` to test.  You should see the dependency download from the staging repo and run without errors.
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