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MyFaces Quarterly Report January 2014

The Apache MyFaces project is an umbrella project of the Apache Software Foundation
for projects relating to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology.


  • New Committers
    • Dennis Hörsch (11/November/13)
    • Paul Nicolucci (11/November/13)
  • No new PMC Members (since July 2011)
  • No new Contributors

The MyFaces community is stable. Besides working on new releases, we discuss upcoming topics.
-> Community business as usual (nothing special to report).



  • MyFaces (sub) projects with new releases since the last report:
    • MyFaces Test 1.0.5 (23/October/13)
    • MyFaces Core 2.0.19 (28/October/13)
    • MyFaces Core 2.1.13 (28/October/13)
    • MyFaces Core 2.2.0-beta (29/October/13)
    • MyFaces Tobago 2.0.0 Alpha2 (11/October/13)
    • MyFaces Tobago 1.5.11 (11/November/13)
    • MyFaces Trinidad Maven Plugins 2.0.8 (7/November/13)
    • MyFaces Trinidad 2.1.0 (19/November/13)


  • CWiki -> CMS migration (ongoing)


  • The Release of MyFaces 2.2 is blocked due to an inability to acquire a JSF TCK more recent than February 2013.  The Feburary TCK is flawed and we need a more recent version to pass the TCK.  Discussion continues on how we should resolve this, but we probably do not have enough expertise to resolve how to acquire a newer TCK or how to do a release without the TCK within the MyFaces community.   We are considering talking with other projects who might be in the same situation.


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