MyFaces Commons Utils is a project that aims to build an API that contains some basic utility classes used by JSF libraries.

Originally this code comes from MyFaces shared project, so it is used internally by MyFaces Core. But the code in shared can change over the time. In MyFaces Commons Utils, a cleanup has been done, removing unused code, refactoring some parts and adding a better documentation.

In this module you can find utility classes for:

  • Create you custom component bundles (like javax.faces.Messages bundle in MyFaces Core) (see org.apache.myfaces.commons.util.MessageUtils).
  • Utility method for web config parameters (see org.apache.myfaces.commons.util.WebConfigParamUtils).
  • Detect portlet/servlet environment (see org.apache.myfaces.commons.util.ExternalContextUtils).
  • Iterator for SelectItem (see org.apache.myfaces.commons.util.SelectItemsIterator).
  • String utilities.
  • Array utilities.
  • Class utilities.
  • .....

Take a look at the javadoc of this module for more details

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