You can merge Pull Requests only if you are a committer on Apache Mynewt. 

The direction of code flow is from Apache’s git servers to its GitHub mirror. A Pull Request (PR) needs to be merged into the git server, not the GitHub mirror.

  1. Set up git remote targets. At least one must point to For example, you may set origin to point to the Apache git server for -core repository.


2. Have a clean, up-to-date version of -core (or -newt or -newtmgr depending on which repository you are working with) with master branch checked out.


git pull --rebase origin master

3. Bring in the pull request (PR) you want to merge. The <branch-name> is the branch in the GitHub user's fork where the code additions or modifications have been made.


git pull<github-username>/incubator-mynewt-core <branch-name>


The commit message for the merge comes up in edit mode. Add the following line to the message to tell GitHub to close the PR upon merge.

"This closes #<PR number>" 

For example, to close the PR #108, you should add the following to the message:

This closes #108.

4.  Push the change to apache’s git repository. In the example below you are pushing it to the "master" branch.

$ git push origin master 


5. The GitHub mirror picks up the merge and updates the PR status in a few seconds.

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