As outlined in the PMC Guide, Apache Mynewt project PPMC discusses and decides on new committers through an election process on their private mailing list. The general idea is to allow new people to start contributing right away to specific modules of the code, and over time grant access to the entire repository based upon solid work.

Step 1: Contributor submits patches

A new contributor may start contributing code by submitting patches via pull requests on the Mynewt repository mirrors on github.com. They are expected to follow Apache's proposed workflow.

Step 2: PPMC member proposes additional access for the contributor

After several of the contributor's changes/additions have been accepted into the codebase by the Mynewt committers, a PPMC (Podling PMC) member may decide to propose that the contributor be given additional access. The level of elevation in access is up to the discretion of the PPMC member and may be one of the following types:

  1. Allow to commit to certain areas (Vote not needed)
  2. Allow to commit anywhere (Vote needed)
  3. Become part of the (P)PMC (Vote needed)

Step 3: PPMC member sends [VOTE] and [DISCUSS] emails to the private list

The PPMC member sends out the proposal on the private@mynewt.apache.org mailing list stating clearly which access level is being proposed, for whom, and why. It is important to keep all such proposals, discussions and voting away from ANY public forums in order to foster open and frank exchange. Any call for vote must indicate so by including "[VOTE]" in the subject line. Any call for discussion must indicate so by including "[DISCUSS]" in the subject line. If a vote is accidentally sent out to a public forum, it must be cancelled and restarted.

The proposal is open for up to 72 hours for discussions and voting, as necessary. 

Step 4: PPMC member sends a [RESULT][VOTE] email to the private list

The votes are tallied and the results announced on the private@mynewt.apache.org list. To be accepted, there should be no -1 votes.

Step 5: PPMC member sends committer invitation to contributor

When a proposal passes vote, the proposed committer is sent an invitation to become a committer. He/she should be directed to go through the following guide and sign the ICLA (Individual Contributor License Agreements), thereby indicating acceptance of the invitation.

Step 6: New committer account setup

A new account request for the accepted new committer is then sent out by a PMC chair or ASF members.

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