Release Date

April 4, 2024 (Final)

March XX, 2024 (Planned)

Important Notes

mynewt_main() is now used instead of main() as application entry point. For backward compatibility application providing only main() are also supported.

New Features

Support for STM32G0 and STM32G4 MCUs

Support for major peripherals and USB along with exemplary BSPs.

More imported code converted to external modules

  • TinyUSB


  • da1469x LCD
  • cst816s touch screen
  • bus driver support for MMC

ARM CMSIS updated to 5.4.0

nrfx updated to 3.3.0

New parse_arg module 

This module is useful for making shell applications.

Newt Tool enhancements

  • More environment variables exposed to scripts
  • Possibility to use generated linker script
  • app.cflags for adding global cflags in packages
  • new 'target info' command
  • improvements in external repos handling
  • shallow upgrade fixes
  • Support for marking packages as experimental

Newtmgr Tool enhancements

  • none

Improvements to existing features

LVGL support improvements

  • Add configuration options for tuning display driver
  • Backlight PIN active level support

crc32 and Adler32 algorithms

USB support for STM32H7 MCU

Various other bugfixes and improvements

Additional Board Support Packages

  • arduino_zero
  • nucleo-g0b1re
  • nucleo-g491re

Known Issues and Limitations

  • native target is not working on latest MacOS, this is due to OS no longer supporting 32-bit native applications


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