Release Date

August 04, 2019 (Final)

July 19, 2019 (Planned)

Important Notes

Legacy bootloader (bootutils) was removed and Mynewt is now using mcuboot.

Transient packages for NimBLE samples were removed

New Features

Support for Dialog DA1469x MCU (ARM Cortex-M33)

  • Full support for all standard HAL-s (UART, I2C, SPI, timers, flash)
  • Drivers for ADC (GP and ΣΔ), PWM, TRNG and charger
  • Support for power management (including deep sleep)
  • Support for integrated BLE controller (requires firmware binary from vendor SDK)
  • Support for integrated SNC (Sensor Node Controller) core
  • BSP available for DA1469x Pro Development Kit

Taskpool package

This package allows you to create and remove generic tasks at runtime.

Generic data streaming interface

New package defines a generic data streaming interface.


  • LIS2DE12 accelerometer
  • LSM6DSO accelerometer/gyro/temperature sensor
  • KXTJ3 sensor
  • DPS368/3xx barometric pressure sensor
  • bmp388 barometric pressure sensor
  • DA1469x charger

Support for Nordic NRF52811

nrfx updated to version 1.7.1

Newt Tool enhancements

  • Support for autogenerated image version based on elf timestamp
  • Split image support fix when combined with mcuboot

  • Support for 'floating' repo versions
  • Use 2.0 image format by default
  • Errors reporting improvements
  • Support for RSA3072 
  • start using go modules instead of vendored code
  • Bumped go version requirements to 1.12
  • Support for image signing with ED25519

Newt Manager (newtmgr)

  • Support for upgrade-only upload request
  • Option for specifying OMP resource from command line (–ompres)
  • start using go modules instead of vendored code
  • Bumped go version requirements to 1.12

Improvements to existing features


Mempools are now sorted in increasing order which improves finding best mempool for requested size.


Support for simple cache which improves reading time when there are a lot of small read requests.


Support for structured encoding - structures to CBOR data encoding.


Reduce LOG_LEVEL_MAX to 15 (was: 255).

LoRa stack

Support for low-power mode.

Bus driver

More drivers are now using bus driver.

Additional Board Support Packages

  • Nucleo-F203rb
  • Nucleo-F439ZI
  • black_vet6
  • B-L475E-IOT01A BSP

Known Issues and Limitations

  • nucleo-f030r8 bootloop


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