Release Date

April 7, 2021 (Final)

February XX, 2021 (Planned)

New Features

USB peripheral support

With integration of tinyusb library it is now possible to run Mynewt device as USB peripheral. Currently supported platforms include STM32F1 family, STM32F4 family, STM32L4 family

Inter-IC Sound (I2S) support

Inter-IC Sound is interface for sending digital audio data. Currently supported platforms include STM32F1 family nad nRF52.

Generic temperature sensor interface

New interface for temperature reading.

Support for Dialog CMAC

CMAC is a separate hw block with Cortex-M0+ core and radio peripherals integrated into DA1469x which is capable of running protocols like BLE.

Support for Nordic nRF9160

This release adds support for running Nordic nRF9160 MCU. Currently supported are UART, SPI and I2C.

Support for Nordic nRF5340

This release adds support for Nordic nRF5340 MCU. Both application and network core are supported, including IPC between cores.

Currently supported are UART, SPI, ADC, I2C and GPIO passing.

Support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) library

Support for LittleFS filesystem

LittleFS was integrated and can be used via standard FS subsystem. It is also possible to use it as a backend for sys/config.


  • SGM4056 charger
  • raw semihosting
  • INA219 current sensor
  • INA226 current sensor
  • da1469x UART driver
  • da1469x I2S driver

mbedTLS updated to 2.16.10

nrfx updated to 2.3.0

LWIP updated to 2.1.2

NXP SDK updated to 2.9.0

Newt Tool enhancements

  • Log exported environnment variables with `-ldebug`
  • load: add --imgfile option which allows to specify .img file to load onto the device
  • debug: add --elffile option
  • newt will now use all cores for compiling by default
  • newt will now export environment variable (MYNEWT_PACKAGES) with packages used in build

Newt Manager (newtmgr)

  • Support for MacOS Mojave/Catalina
  • DFU speed optimizations

Improvements to existing features

Console improvements

It is now possible to handle console over USB.

CoAP improvements

TCP/IPv4 adaptor support.

Documentation improvements

Tutorials and web documentation have been refreshed and updated.

Various bugfixes and improvements

Additional Board Support Packages

  • PineTime smartwatch
  • Nordic PCA10090
  • Nordic PCA10095
  • Dialog CMAC
  • nucleo-l073rz

Known Issues and Limitations


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