Release Date

April 7, 2021 (Final)

February XX, 2021 (Planned)

New Features

Support for PHY on Dialog Configurable MAC (CMAC)

This adds support for fully open source radio driver for Dialog CMAC. This allows to run complete NimBLE controller on Dialog DA1469x MCU
family. 1M and 2M PHYs are supported.

Support for PHY on Nordic nRF5340

This adds support for radio driver on Network core of Nordic nRF5340 dual-core chip. Support for HCI transport over IPC is also available.

Support for Apache NuttX port of NimBLE

It is possible not to use NimBLE stack on Apache NuttX RTOS

Controller-to-host flow control support

Support for USB transport

It is now possible to use USB for HCI transport when building blehci application. This allows to use it with standard btusb driver from Linux kernel (no btattach needed).

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features 

  • Qualification related bugfixes
  • BLE Mesh improvements - fixes and resync with latest Zephyr code
  • Support for Enhanced L2CAP CoC in bttester application
  • big-endian fixes
  • host code size optimization when building with features disabled
  • documentation improvements

Known Issues and Limitations

  • GATT Long Write is failing on nRF51


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