Release Date

April 4, 2024 (Final)

March XXX, 2024 (Planned)


New Features

Enhanced ATT bearer support

Support for Enhanced ATT bearer allowing concurrent GATT operations.

Initial support for Broadcast Source and Auracast

This adds support for LE Audio broadcast (Auracast).

Host API additions

  • Support for GATT Read Multiple Variable Length Characteristic Values
  • Support for GATT Multiple Variable Length Notifications
  • Support for unhandled HCI events in GAP listener
  • New API for finding connection handle for specified peer address
  • Support for CSIS SIRK encryption
  • Support for Periodic Advertising features from 5.3 specification

Doxygen API comments overhaul

Major improvements for NimBLE API documentation.

Remove dependency on Mynewt logging system

Define NPL interface that can be used by ports to implement logging.

Enhancement/Fixes to existing features 

  • Support for unmodulated carrier in DTM on Nordic chips
  • btshell now uses parse_arg module from Mynewt core instead of own implementation
  • Various ISO support improvements in controller
  • Fixes for LL procedures with instant calculations
  • bttester support for new GAP and GATT features
  • Fixes to support latest release of BabbleSim

Known Issues and Limitations

  • GATT Long Write is failing on nRF51
  • GCC 11.1 fails to compile nRF5x radio drivers
  • RIOT port is not building


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